Your Dog's Best Friend: The Dog Sitter

Your Dog's Best Friend: The Dog Sitter
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Your Dog's Best Friend: The Dog Sitter
by Mary Wattle

Being able to do what we ultimately love is a great blessing.

Cleaning houses becomes enjoyable when you spend your time with the most lovable and adorable creatures in the world—dogs. As many dog lovers would confirm, dogs are special creatures; the more time you spend and bond with them, the more you learn to read their thoughts and desires. You play with them, walk them around, eat with them, or sleep with them, until you find yourself loving everything about them each passing day.

Then they become the light in your life.

It is just so wonderful to have so much love to give to these creatures, and it is just touching how much more they give back to you.

Your Dog’s Best Friend: The Dog Sitter, by Mary Wattle, shares with you openly the happiness, sadness, grief, quirks, and degree of emotions that falling in love with these simple creatures brings.

About the Author

Mary Wattle has been a “dogsitter” for seventeen years. It is a calling prompted by her desire to take care of dogs left at home whenever their owners go on vacation. Aside from looking after the dogs, she and her husband extend a helping hand to military families through a nonprofit organization, which she cofounded.

(2012, paperback, 158 pages)


Your Dog's Best Friend: The Dog Sitter (PDF)
Your Dog's Best Friend: The Dog Sitter (PDF)

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