A Year's Worth of Inspiration [Paperback]

A Year's Worth of Inspiration [Paperback]
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A Year’s Worth of Inspiration
by Louis Montgomery, Jr.

A Year’s Worth of Inspiration reflects Louis Montgomery, Jr.’s long-time interest in learning from the words and wisdom of others and is the extension of his practice of reflection on daily quotations. Here he offers the reader twelve personal essays, one for each month, expressing his own thoughts at that time of the year. Each is then followed by a series of quotations intended to serve the reader as daily stimulus for further thought and inquiry. The insights collected here are gathered from a broad range of people spanning centuries and cultures, tied together by their common humanity.

About the Author

Louis Montgomery, Jr., resides in Virginia with his wife, Deidre and two sons. He is a Human Resources Executive and is a graduate of Cornell University, where he studied Industrial and Labor Relations. Mr. Montgomery is a member of the Christian Brothers College High School Hall of Fame, Senior HR Executive Forum, Executive Business Human Resources Group, Cornell Football Association, and is a coach in Fairfax Little League. His other interests include golf, reading, Texas Hold ‘em Poker, and fitness.

Louis is available for speaking engagements by contacting him at: LM247@cornell.edu

(2011, paperback, 88 pages)


A Year's Worth of Inspiration [PB] (PDF)
A Year's Worth of Inspiration [PB] (PDF)

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