Will the Real Parents Please Stand?

Will the Real Parents Please Stand?
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by J.S. Dixon

Are you a parent? Do you strive to raise your child not only to the best of your ability, but to the highest extent possible? J.S. Dixon asks Will the Real Parents Please Stand? and take responsibility for the loving of, caring for, and teaching of the young people that have been entrusted to them. Dixon realizes that it takes a village to rear a child and that parents can be biologically, spiritually, or emotionally linked to children. She urges all those who care for children to wear the many hats needed to help them mature and grow: the nurse, the encourager, the teacher, the advocate, the provider, the nutritionist, the intercessor, the protector, and the friend. Once parents begin to totally take responsibility for the actions, attitudes, and physical well-being of their children, our children will become better acclimated and self-actualized members of society.


A professional educator for over thirty years, J.S. Dixon has taught math, social studies, science, French, English, remedial reading, and middle school communication skills in the public schools of North Carolina. This, along with her work as a consultant with individuals and community learning programs, has afforded her the opportunity to work with thousands of youth and their families. A frequent community volunteer, mentor, teacher, member of the Council of Exceptional Children, and member of the Pitt County Women’s Commission, she resides in Ayden, North Carolina. What she did not learn as a parent to her four children is now being learned as a grandparent to her ten grandchildren.

(2006, paperback, 32 pages)


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Reader Review
“Each child is unique,” Dixon says. “Even though they may be raised in the same household, their behaviors, and thinking may not be the same. Each child is different and reacts differently to differing methods of instruction.” Dixon adds her thoughts on child development saying, “Once you get kids to think and believe in themselves, they can do anything. Most exceptional kids aren’t necessarily exceptionally bright, but have the exception that they work hard.”

-- The Times-Leader, Laura Yockey

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