The Wings of Dawn

The Wings of Dawn
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The Wings of Dawn
By Louise Scarmato

In the 21st century, women stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. We have an extraordinary legacy of trials overcome, tribulations endured, and a solidarity that empowered great change.

Yet as a gender, we have forgotten what it means to truly be “woman.” History has taught us that along with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, one must be vigilant. The actions we take or do not take now will have unprecedented effects upon the future generations.

While we seek equality and power, we have lost sight of our purpose and are becoming our own worst enemies. The Wings of Dawn seeks to bring into focus the truth that has become obscured and the threshold on which we stand.

About the Author

The silence of women in the face of injustices and the acceptance of false truths have moved the author to remind today’s women and educate future generations of their empowered history.

This is her second published book.

(2013, Paperback, 88 pages)


The Wings of Dawn E-Book
The Wings of Dawn E-Book

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