Why Me

Why Me
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Why Me
by Edwin Bieda

Friday the 13thówe all know what this day means. Itís a day of supernatural happenings. Donít let a black cat cross your path. Donít walk under a ladder. And donít break a mirror; you could have seven years of bad luck.

None of the above ever happened to me, and I donít believe in supernatural superstitions. What I do believe is of my own concern and no one elseís. We judge our world by our actions, and a follow-up makes it better.

My short stories played but a small part in my life, and there are only moments of ďwhy me?Ē again and again.

About the Author

A lifetime resident of Lake County, Illinois, Edwin Bieda now resides in the great city of Waukegan with his wife, Alice.

(2011, paperback, 88 pages)


Why Me (PDF)
Why Me (PDF)

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