Why I Know There Is a God

Why I Know There Is a God
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Why I Know There Is a God
by Beatrice M. Faulkner

No matter what may occur in your life that makes you think you have lost your hopes of achievements or anything good, do not worry. God is always there, but you must believe in Him. Always remember to not turn your back on love, because God is love.

Why I Know There Is a God is Beatrice M. Faulkner’s story of her journey to know God.

About the Author:

Beatrice M. Faulkner is a poet. She has two other books of poetry that have been published. Beatrice has four children and thirteen grandchildren. She loves writing, going to church, and being a foster grandparent.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)


Why I Know There Is a God (e-book)
Why I Know There Is a God (e-book)

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