Who Will Pick Me Up Today?

Who Will Pick Me Up Today?
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Who Will Pick Me Up Today?
by Ellen F. Harlow

“Who will pick me up today?” young Oliver asks his favorite teacher, Joni. Oliver doesn’t know who’s scheduled to pick him up—his mom or his dad; those simple things confuse him. Like many kids today, Oliver’s dad is away most of the time, busy with work. Oliver only sees his dad twice a week, and that makes him sad. It’s a good thing he has a loving mom and loyal pet dogs—Gordy, Maggie, and Frosty. His mom teaches him kindness, and the dogs teach him friendship. Altogether, they make a warm, happy home full of love and worthwhile experiences, which makes Oliver the man he ought to be.

About the Author

Ellen F. Harlow has published eighty works. You can search for her on Google.

(2012, paperback, 28 pages)


Who Will Pick Me Up Today? (PDF)
Who Will Pick Me Up Today? (PDF)

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