Who Am I

Who Am I
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Who Am I
by Lei Tan

In times of despair, God rescues and forgives.

In Who Am I, Lei Tan recounts her personal sufferings as a victim of domestic violence. The abuse she endured did not only lose her marital bond with her husband and the connection she had with family and friends, but more devastatingly, she lost her self-purpose. She felt isolated from the society and bound to live alone in desolation.

In October 1998, however, she abridged all her willingness to accept Jesus Christ in her life and let him lead the way of her salvation. She fought all odds against injustice and the violation of her human rights.

Now, as a born-again Christian, Lei Tan embraces the in-depth understanding of oneís faith in God to eventually heal and regain her true self. In the end, who she has become is molded through her learning for her past experiences in life, both good and bad, with Godís guidance, acceptance, and timeless love for mankind.

About the Author

Lei Tan spends most of her time helping other people. In her native home, Australia, she was a volunteer worker involved in various groups that help women, children, and the elderly who were victims of violence. A self-professed servant of God, she aims to inspire others to live a life filled with love, peace, joy, and hope by worshiping God and aiding the needy.

(2011, paperback, 32 pages)


Who Am I (PDF)
Who Am I (PDF)

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