What Will Happen To Them?

Item# 978-0-8059-5698-6

by Margaret Jane Chipley

Blending scriptural interpretation with personal experience, Margaret Jane Chipley answers the question through the word of God “What is going to happen to the Jews who died without believing in Jesus Christ as the messiah.” Ezekiel said “God will open their graves. Ezekiel 37:12:13,14 And shall put his spirit in you and ye shall live, and I shall place you in your land, then shall ye know that I, the Lord have spoken it and performed it, saith the Lord.” Chipley explains “All Israel shall be saved” and refers to various passages from the King James Bible to illustrate her point. For either Jew or Gentile, What Will Happen to Them? offers a unique approach to faith.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A resident of Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas metro-plex, Margaret Jane Chipley has lived here her entire life. While studying her bible for hours every day thirty three years ago, God gave her the revelation of what will happen to the Jews. This was such a controversial subject that it took her thirty three years to have this revelation published. Margaret Jane Chipley is a poet and song writer and spends much of her time speaking and teaching on the subject of this book.

(2002, paperback, 30 pages)


What Will Happen to Them? [E-book edition]
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