Weight, Wait a Minute

Weight, Wait a Minute
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Weight, Wait a Minute
by Rod Price

This book illustrates the battle that so many of us have with losing weight. Rod Price will tell you: “I didn’t put the weight on overnight, so I can’t expect to lose it overnight!” Weight, Wait a Minute combines Rod’s personal journey to weight loss with a common-sense, all-natural plan to lose inches and keep them off. By eating healthier foods and adding a cardio-heavy exercise regimen to his lifestyle, Rod has lost over 100 pounds. Weight, Wait a Minute shows that you too can make healthy changes to lose weight, without surgeries or medication. With Rod as your guide, take control of your lifestyle and tell the weight to “Wait a minute!”

About the Author:

Rod Price lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas, USA. He keeps an active lifestyle full of cardio, including cycling, weight-lifting, roller-skating, and basketball. Rod plays the piano, keyboard, and organ, both as a songwriter and as a professional church musician. A licensed minister, he provides Bibleteaching and counseling services as a Christian counselor, or “Belief Therapist,” utilizing the Word of God to provide guidance. His secular career has seen Rod take managerial roles in financial institutions and call centers. His current focus is to educate and train others who battle with weight loss issues, and to help those who struggle with weight to reach their desired goals.

(2015, Paperback, 104 pages)


Weight, Wait a Minute [EBOOK]
Weight, Wait a Minute [EBOOK]

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