The Way of the Eagle: Seek and You Will Find

The Way of the Eagle: Seek and You Will Find
Item# 978-0-8059-6319-9

by Paul R. Richards

The Way of the Eagle: Seek and Your Will Find offers a unique collection of prose-poetry that reflects the divine presence of the creator in our world. Paul R. Richards gives each reader an awareness of God’s constant and reliable guidance in our lives—a guidance that leads us toward complete prosperity.

This compilation examines the relationship between humanity and God as well as the human ties that bind our society together. Throughout the varied and instructive work included in The Way of the Eagle, Richards repeatedly emphasizes his conviction that “We are never alone!”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The loss of his mother when he was only nine months old and a car accident in 1998 are just two of the personal experiences Paul R. Richards uses to convey firsthand knowledge of the importance of depending on God. He seeks to utilize his poetry to inspire hope and self-esteem in readers of all ages because he believes that words, utilized in the correct form, will shape our world and provide a brighter tomorrow.

Paul R. Richards currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he works as a design engineer, auto technician, and youth mentor in addition to writing.

(2004, paperback, 44 pages)


The Way of the Eagle: Seek and You Will Find [E-book edition]
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