A Walk to the Beach

A Walk to the Beach
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A Walk to the Beach
by Nalani L. Pagan

A Walk to the Beach is a delightfully simple story, illustrating a day in the life of a child, who is about 12 years in age and strolling through a beauty-filled Hawaiian neighborhood.

When the lane across Nalanis house is no longer permitted, A Walk to the Beach follows Nalani and sees her experiences along this new path in the eyes of a child.

About the Author:

Nalani L. Pagan is a native of Oahu in the Manoa Valley. She is the fourth of five children. Growing up surrounded by ocean, she is a self-declared beach bunny and valley girl. Nalani still resides in Hawaii. She is a bio-dynamic gardener and owns a vermiculture farm. In addition, she enjoys writing, basket weaving, and making floral arrangements. She looks forward to learning to do aqua culture.

Nalani is close with her family and pets. She has three grown children. One son and daughter still live in Oahu. Her oldest daughter lives in Colorado. Nalani has a dog, a cat, a bird, and a bucket of guppies.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)


A Walk to the Beach (e-book)
A Walk to the Beach (e-book)

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