Voices from the Water

Voices from the Water
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Voices from the Water
by Timothy W. Gruber

Many men hear the call, but only the special few follow the voice to the waterís edge. It is here where man and nature meet, souls are found and lives are renewed, and the immortal cycle of life continues.

Timothy W. Gruber is one such man. His father more besotted by the bottle than his own family, Gruber found new kith and kin by the rails and rods in the majestic community of anglers. His tale is shared through Voices in the Water, the spiritually uplifting account of Gruberís connection to the environment and those with whom he shares this beautiful world.

Time by the water allowed Gruber to grow and mature surrounded by wise, kindhearted men who fostered in the lad that a true sense of self begins with what you share with others. The life lessons learned by the lapping waves were carried into adulthood, where Gruber has himself become a mentor for other young men in need of guidance, companionship, and a strong role model. Thus the beautiful cycle of life and learning continues.

Voices from the Water speaks to both the heart and mind of readers, recalling the wisdom of the ancients and manís delicate yet powerful bond with nature and all her creatures, great and small.

About the Author

In Voices from the Water, author Timothy W. Gruber explores the eternal theme of parental love and acceptance through both parables and personal stories of his relationship with veteran angler Don Ford. It was Gruberís own involvement with children on the basketball team he coaches that led him through his own history and recollections to the creation of Voices, his first published work.

Gruber is a native Californian who lives in Brentwood with his beloved family, wife Teresa Renee and son Brandon William. He received his bachelor of arts degree in journalism from Humboldt State University and his masterís in administration from Saint Maryís College. A human resources manager for Granite Construction Company, Gruber and son Brandon enjoy sports and spending valuable time together fishing.

(2009, paperback, 72 pages)


Voices from the Water (e-book)
Voices from the Water (e-book)

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