Van Gogh (Novel)

Van Gogh (Novel)
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Van Gogh
by Hamad AL-Shehabi

Unveiling the Woman of Revelation 12: Van Gogh by Hamad Al-Shehabi is the enthralling story of an amazing young boy, who suffers a tragic loss as a child. Alex's hobby of painting leads to a marvelous adventure; just when his family needs help the most, a totally unexpected mentor arrives on the scene and creates much excitement, near and far.

Unbeknownst to Alex's family and the other residents of the small town near the lake, events surrounding them are being controlled by an unseen force among them. With this influence and through a series of unusual occurrences, the lives of many are changed for the better, past wrongs are righted, and the future looks bright…all thanks to the talent, belief, and perseverance of a small boy.

About the Author

Hamad Al-Shehabi was born in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where he still resides.

Although he has written more than 300 TV series for 6 countries, more than 15 plays (the last of which was "The First Love in Napoleon Bonaparte's Life"), 3 successful cinema movies, and over 50 short stories of different types, Unveiling the Tale of Revelation 12: Van Gogh is his first novel. He developed the core theme around the pain, torment, and the joy of Van Gogh, just because he was a wretched, oppressed man from his cradle to death.

It is the author's hope that it will be of a great literary and cultural value.

(2014, Paperback, 88 pages)


Van Gogh (Novel) (eBook)
Van Gogh (Novel) (eBook)

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