The Unknown Vietnam War Veteran

The Unknown Vietnam War Veteran
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The Unknown Vietnam War Veteran
by Donald Luther Krimes

Donald Luther Krimes is a Vietnam veteran who volunteered to serve his country rather than waiting to be drafted. He expertly filled the role of sergeant in charge of the company motor pool and helped our boys stay well-equipped to fight their foe. Along the way, he made connections and established relationships in the Far East that would last for a lifetime. Never able to settle for a normal life, Krimes figured out what he wanted out of life and then went and got it.

From his days serving in the military to his adventure of working in Vietnam as a civilian and meeting the love of his life to the ins and outs of establishing a successful import-export business, Krimes has lead a unique life. Experience it through his eyes as he explores Vietnam and Saigon. Meet his exotic colleagues and live vicariously through these tales of a life lived with no regrets.

About the Author:

Donald Luther Krimes is a retired Vietnam veteran and entrepreneur from eastern Pennsylvania. After leaving the army, where he served honorably as a motor pool sergeant, he spent years developing his business interests and traveling back and forth to the Far East for business and for pleasure. He owned and operated Krimes Oriental Shop in Denver, Pennsylvania, for years and brought a taste of the lifestyle and culture that he loved back to the United States. He dreams of one day returning to that area of the world to retire in style, surrounded by the people he has come to love.

(2015, Paperback, 170 pages)


The Unknown Vietnam War Veteran (e-book)
The Unknown Vietnam War Veteran (e-book)

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