Twentieth Century in Review The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Twentieth Century in Review  The Good, Bad, and Ugly
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Twentieth Century in Review
by R. Paulet

As the title suggests, Twentieth Century in Review is a comprehensive look at twentieth century world history, in parts. R. Paulet shares insight and facts with readers in a conversational and appealing tone throughout the text.

The author touches on peaks in American history, such as the first moon-landing resulting from the pioneering U.S. aerospace field. Yet, R. Paulet does not neglect the country’s lows and scandals, nor does he gloss over the World Wars. In addition to politics, Twentieth Century explores the history of the Papacy. Some of these the readers themselves may have enjoyed themselves, others not as much. The book flows conversationally, sharing the natural 10% fiction and 90% fact that the retelling of history is.

About the Author

Twentieth Century in Review is as very much a review of history as lived by R. Paulet. At 94 the author has lived in witness to the always fascinating and complex events of the twentieth century, which has in turn shaped the twenty-first century and today’s current events. R. Paulet was born in 1917 in Arkansas. He is married and currently resides in Arkansas. He enjoys golf, sports, and of course, writing about history.

(2014, Paperback, 28 pages)


Twentieth Century in Review  The Good, Bad, and Ugly E-Book
Twentieth Century in Review The Good, Bad, and Ugly E-Book

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