The Truth Be Told

The Truth Be Told
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The Truth Be Told
by Yasmeen Omar Muftah Alabbar

The beauty of poetry as a form of expression is that within the breadth of a few distilled lines, the author can transfer the rich imagery within his or her own mind to a careful desired effect across the mind of the reader—or, as is sometimes the case—the listener.

The Truth Be Told, by Yasmeen Omar Muftah Alabbar, read in the traditional print form, of course achieves the same result while traversing a long list of subjects, from the frailty of human emotions, the subtle interplays of living, to the political chaos of a Middle East in varying degrees of transition.

The Truth Be Told is not just about love and all the things about living that we’ve come to cherish; it’s also about the failings that make us as human as we are.

About the Author

Yasmeen Omar Muftah Alabbar was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At age sixteen, her family moved to Benghazi, Libya, and then to Amman, Jordan. She still resides in Amman, where she also aims to finish her studies.

(2012, hardback, 98 pages)


The Truth Be Told (PDF)
The Truth Be Told (PDF)

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