The Tree of Life and Knowledge

The Tree of Life and Knowledge
Item# 978-0-8059-7489-8

by Kenneth B. King

The Tree of Life and Knowledge is a candid account of author Kenneth B. King’s personal experience with the Lord and the vision he was given through the Holy Spirit.

What began as an ordinary workday for Mr. King developed into a life-changing revelation when the images contained in a particular tree were revealed to him. In sharing his momentous discovery with family and friends, Mr. King was blessed with further revelations regarding the meanings of the figures found within the natural growth of the tree. Since July 2005, he has come to regard the site as a sanctuary of the Lord and a place intended to offer spiritual lessons and Spirit-filled comfort and guidance.

Together with his account of these events, Mr. King shares a study of the Scriptures that compliments the revelatory nature of The Tree of Life and Knowledge.


Kenneth B. King resides in Georgia with his wife, Lacey, and devotes much of his time to his ministry and his love for the outdoors. He is the father of one daughter, Erica.

(2007, paperback, 58 pages)


The Tree of Life and Knowledge [E-book edition]
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