The Traders' Fabulous Mission

The Traders' Fabulous Mission
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The Traders' Fabulous Mission
by Humur Endurath

Mr. Cassim, a respected and seasoned executive, is quite delighted to receive an invitation to meet with a colleague, Mr. Drese, in Bangkok. Sensing their meeting could lead to a mutually beneficial financial windfall, Mr. Cassim takes great pains to ensure everything is in order prior to his departure. Upon his arrival in Bangkok, he soon discovers he has greatly underestimated the impact of this collaboration, which forever alters his fate.

As the story follows Mr. Cassim and his safety-belt traders through the twists and turns of their business deals in a captivating narrative, the men see how cooperation results in significant bonds and benefits for all.

(2009, paperback, 40 pages)


The Traders' Fabulous Mission
The Traders' Fabulous Mission

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