Train Ride to Grandma's

Item# 978-0-8059-5065-6

by Janet L. Cottrell

Helping out with daily chores is never fun, but with a change of scenery and company, it can be exciting. In Janet L. Cottrell’s Train Ride to Grandma’s, Jan and her sister’s week-long adventure begins as they board a train to visit their grandparents.

Travelling through northeastern Missouri in the late 1940s, Jan and her sister are very excited about a visit to their grandparents – especially since that involves a train ride and a stay on their farm. They roll up their sleeves and help with the chores; chores on a farm are more fun after all.

While there, Jan and her sister get to go to the train depot where their grandfather works; gather eggs from the chickens; fetch water from the well; and even take a few minutes to relax on the porch swing. Once their week’s stay is complete, they decide to make the Train Ride to Grandma’s an annual trip.

About the Author: Growing up in rural Missouri, Janet L. Cottrell’s childhood was a simple one. Automobiles weren’t yet commonplace, so train travel was the way to go. Train Ride to Grandma’s, her first published book, is a memory of late 1940s visits with her grandparents – traditional visits she wants to share with children.

Ms. Cottrell and her late husband Robert shared their time with their children and grandchildren. Through reading to her grandchildren, she was inspired to write stories for young readers.

Ms. Cottrell currently lives in Bowling Green, Missouri, and enjoys gardening and feeding and watching birds and squirrels.

(2000, paperback, 32 pages)

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