Timber Tails

Timber Tails
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Timber Tails
by Carolyn Kennedy Smith

On fifteen acres in North Carolina, Sienna, a fluffy, white Peekapoo puppy grows up under the watchful eyes of her owners, the Master and Mistress of Timberland. Sienna, an energetic and curious dog by nature, discovers her wilder side amidst the tall trees. Born in a tiny garden tub, Sienna grows into a much larger world and relishes her role as the guard dog of Timberland.

You’ll meet Crissy, a neighbor dog who becomes fast friends with Sienna, the Majestic Seal, a cat who soon learns the dangers of hanging around two crazy canines, and Patch, a Banty rooster with real “chicken charisma.” This wonderful cavalcade of animal friends (and sometimes foes!) make the woods of North Carolina come alive. You won’t want your journey through the wilderness to end!

About the Author:

Carolyne Kennedy Smith is a Music Director and Professional singer. She has directed and produced Youth Productions and Programs in Virginia and North Carolina and has appeared on stage in Community Theater in various roles. This is her first children’s book and it is based on real events. She holds a BA in Music and Counseling from Trinity College of Florida and resides in North Carolina.

(2015, Paperback, 64 pages)


Timber Tails [E-book]
Timber Tails [E-book]

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