Thirst: A Collection of Short Stories

Thirst: A Collection of Short Stories
Item# 978-0-8059-6513-1

by Cynthia Heslam

In addition to joy and love, human existence often includes hardship and pain; how we choose to deal with these challenges in our lives can help us grow in love or hide in fear. Many people try to escape the pain of life by abusing alcohol, shopping obsessively, or seeking other people to save them from their own inner anguish. Cynthia Heslam illustrates the dual roads of destruction and recovery in her collection of short stories, Thirst.

These tales demonstrate the many ways people sabotage their own peace; they remind us that no matter how full life may seem, there is always a spiritual hole within screaming to be filled. In depicting the impact such behavior has on relationships—parent and child, husband and wife, friends—Heslam never forgets that individuals can find strength and love within themselves.

Heslam’s honest portrayals of ordinary people thirsting for love will offer hope to families trying to help loved ones and to those who are struggling to satisfy their own sometimes insatiable thirsts.


Cynthia Heslam is a wife and mother of three. She teaches English at a suburban high school outside of Boston. She enjoys reading, writing, walking her dog Simba, and swimming at Nantasket Beach. Thirst is her first published work.

(2004, paperback, 102 pages)


Thirst: A Collection of Short Stories [E-book edition]
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