Their Hidden Agenda: The Story of a Chinese-American FBI Agent

Their Hidden Agenda: The Story of a Chinese-American FBI Agent
Item# 978-0-8059-7506-2

by Robert A. Woo, Sr.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a veteran of Vietnam, a special agent with the FBI for over twenty years – these are all descriptions of Robert Woo, Sr., and yet the FBI, in its misguided attempts to protect the nation, will target this man and his father for the father’s homeland, China, and eventually destroy all that Robert worked for. This tell-all book not only explains what happened to Mr. Woo while employed by the FBI, but it is also a story that extols the human spirit. It is a personal journey of one man who spirals to the brink of despair to include compulsive gambling, thoughts of suicide, and loss of his job and pension, only to discover what is truly important in life: his belief in a Higher Power and his family.

The book journeys from his ancestors in China to his father’s arrival in America, his time in the Navel Academy, his service in Vietnam, his career with the FBI, his subsequent job suspension, firing, his attempt to start over, and his ultimate redemption. It also provides Mr. Woo’s insights into why he was fired, its connection to present-day scandals, the real reason he believes he was targeted and set up by the FBI, and what he believes from the vantage of an insider as to the problems facing the Agency in charge of national security.

Their Hidden Agenda: The Story of a Chinese-American FBI Agent is his story about what happened to him, although portions of the text have been redacted by the Agency involved.


Robert A. Woo, Sr., presently resides in the Washington, D.C., area and holds a bachelor of science degree in management from the U.S. Naval Academy, a master’s in human relations from the University of Oklahoma, and a master’s in public administration from Golden Gate University. It would be Mr. Woo’s twenty-one-year employment with the FBI, however, and what happened to him as a result of his employment that would be the primary focus and reason for writing this, his first novel.

Mr. Woo has two grown children, Robert A. Woo, Jr., and Jennifer M. McAllaster, and he is also a grandfather. He spends his free time doing art, working on his computer, reading, writing, cooking, exercising, and spending time practicing his Catholic beliefs.

(2007, hardcover, 356 pages)


Their Hidden Agenda: The Story of a Chinese-American FBI Agent [E-book edition]
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