This Gospel: The Foundation

This Gospel: The Foundation
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This Gospel: The Foundation
by Frank J. Ovec

What exactly are the six days of Creation, and do they conflict with modern cosmology? Certainly not, says Frank Ovec. In fact, with a knowledge of the pattern of God, suggested within this book, even the concept of a “big bang” is quite reasonable.

Is there a predestined resurrection of history within the hearts and minds of men? Surely an understanding of “reciprocal dating,” also suggested in this book, can prove that. Yet with prophetic knowledge increasing in these days, we can determine within reasonable proximity the age of the “Day of the Lord” and the reappearance of Jesus Christ.

About the Author

Frank J. Ovec lives in Columbus, Ohio, the state where he was born. He has earned an associate degree in conservation management along with his basic education at Ohio State University. He has also attended Mt. Vernon Bible College and has dedicated over twenty years of research into this book.

“On Easter Sunday night of 1973,” Frank says, “as I was traveling a road in northern Ohio, I saw a great light of awesome beauty toward the eastern sky. The appearance was that of a brightly burning bush, which has become the very foundation of this book.”

(2011, casebound, 90 pages)


This Gospel: The Foundation (PDF)
This Gospel: The Foundation (PDF)

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