Terrascension: A Quiet Cacophony

Terrascension: A Quiet Cacophony
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Terrascension: A Quiet Cacophony
by Antall

Five families from different corners of the Earth are going about their routine activities. In the midst of it all, they realize something is amiss; upon further investigation, they recognize that all of it points to the way their weight scales are giving readings way below normal.

The days and months ahead see the kind of global turmoil never before observed at any point in the history of mankind: overindulgence by the obese populations, which gradually turned to severe depression when they realize that the 'loss of weight' did not give them healthy bodies; rather, the earth's rotation has suddenly slowed down. And it is only the start of more sinister events to come.

For one, as the days and nights are extended by some hours, things that are normally on the earth, now tend to fall up into the vast abyss of the sky: the water, portions of land, and objects fashioned by humans are showing preference to reside in the stratosphere. What could these mean? And what are those gigantic alien metallic rings along the line of the equator?

About the Author

A native of Lorain, Ohio, USA. Antall received the Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He and his wife Janice have a son, Terrance and a daughter, Kimberly. Antall is a stage actor and singer.

(2013, paperback, 54 pages)


Terrascension: A Quiet Cacophony (eBook)
Terrascension: A Quiet Cacophony (eBook)

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