Tell Me: There Are Some Things in Life That I Just Don't Get

Tell Me: There Are Some Things in Life That I Just Don't Get
Item# 978-0-8059-4917-9

by Brent A. Birkhoff

You might remember when C&C Music Factory hit the airwaves with the song “Things That Make You Go Hmmm.” And maybe you think of the phrase “What’s the deal with…” when you think of one of comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up routines. People like to ponder the puzzling details of the world and see what others think. Now author Brent A. Birkhoff offers his own perspective on the life around him – and within his own personal history – in Tell Me: There Are Some Things in Life That I Just Don’t Get.

We all have our little quirks and habits, familiarities and routines. They make us happy, and they often define who we are as individuals. But when we encounter someone else’s idiosyncrasies – or worse, someone else confronts ours – confusion, misunderstanding, and disbelief are often the common reactions.

How do you feel about roller rinks versus discos, the layout of the house, pets, and trips to the dentist? What are your most treasured family traditions, high school memories, and personal belongings? What makes you happy, and what simply baffles you? Birkhoff shares his views on these and many more topics in Tell Me in a candid, often comical way.

It’s a fun and lively trip through pop culture – especially if you remember life in the late sixties and seventies. More than one man’s view, it’s filled with details to which everyone can relate in one way or another. And don’t worry; if you can’t identify with Birkhoff’s view of things, he’ll try to help you understand as best he can.

About the Author

Seeing the resurgence in interest in the pop culture of the sixties and seventies, Brent A. Birkhoff took the opportunity to write Tell Me: There Are Some Things in Life That I Just Don’t Get in order to offer an enjoyable look at the world around him then and now.

Born in McHenry, Illinois, Birkhoff now makes his home in Watertown, Wisconsin, with his wife and their two daughters. Birkhoff graduated summa cum laude from Monmouth College, where he earned

-continued on other side- a bachelor of arts degree in sociology and Spanish. A Vice President of Administration with Roller Fabrics, he is also a member of the International Llama Association and the Organization of Llama Enthusiasts – Wisconsin. Birkhoff enjoys farming, fishing, reading, and writing.

Tell Me is Birkhoff’s second book; Kurt was published in 1998.

(2001, paperback, 72 pages)

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