Tenderwise: ...Rediscovering Life's Sweet Spots

Tenderwise: ...Rediscovering Life's Sweet Spots
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by Joan Irgens Nedeau

With Tenderwise, Joan Irgens Nedeau affirms the saving benefits of “life reviewals”—that is, going back in order to go forward, working through the maze of reactive living only to be forced into discovering the power of presence, and responding trustingly to life’s invitations. We learn the difference is a journey worth the trip. The “sweet spots” are faith, family, friends, and the courage to look for strength in human connections through sharing vulnerability and weakness, a life-giving experience that needs to be practiced so we don’t forget how far true liberation can take us.

About the Author:

Recently retired from active ministry, Joan Irgens Nedeau began gathering her poetry, spontaneous notes, and book chapters and this book is the result. She loves writing, and to stop writing she would need to be tranquilized.

Joan and her husband, Patrick, love to cook and share a natural tendency for hospitality. This keeps them engaged with family, friends, and neighbors. When he is off playing tennis, Joan joins friends for antique shopping, sharing gardening tips and recipes, and indulging herself in photography and painting. She and Patrick are avid fans of local theater and their beloved St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. Twice a month they attend the theater or enjoy dining and going to the concert at Ordway Center in downtown St. Paul. They call it their “magic night.”

(2016, Hardcover, 152 pages)


Tenderwise: ...Rediscovering Life's Sweet Spots (e-book)
Tenderwise: ...Rediscovering Life's Sweet Spots (e-book)

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