The Tale of the Black Casket

The Tale of the Black Casket
Item# 978-0-8059-5869-0

by James W. Allen

In the tradition of Edgar Allen Poe comes The Tale of the Black Casket, a spooky tale of supernatural retribution for a manís greed.

Dave only wanted to borrow a little bit of money from the company coffers to pay back his gambling debts, but his partner, Stan, refused, thinking he would learn a lesson and invest his money more wisely. In a fit of rage, Dave concocted an evil plan to get rid of Stan and pin the embezzlement on him, figuring he would also benefit by taking on the task of comforting Stanís beautiful girlfriend, Lisa.

However he suddenly finds himself in the midst of eerie happenings, haunted by his own conscience and a supernatural foe who relentlessly stalks him no matter where he goes. Could it be Stan, come back form the grave? Or is it something even more powerful, determined to exact revenge for his remorseless greed?

Donít start this one at night, or in the dark, or if youíre along Ė youíll never survive the stunning climax.

About the Author: A truck driver for Shaw Transport in Dalton, Georgia, James W. Allen loves telling stories, especially to his two children, Jeremiah and Donna.

(2003, paperback, 44 pages)

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