Sweet Annabella

Sweet Annabella
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Sweet Annabella
by Kit Moulton

Sweet Annabella—the sequel to Annabella, by Kit Moulton—delves a little deeper into the romantic interlude between Sonny and Annabella, set in prewar Europe 1937.

In pre-WWII in Europe, the Nazis, particularly the SS, become a central element in this sequel. The reader can take a love story that builds to an unfortunate climax for Annabella and her family, a tragic end to a love story building for a lifetime. The reader can also obtain a very descriptive view of a prewar Europe—of beautiful countries, cities, and a peaceful Normandy before devastation takes control in 1939 and onward.

About the Author:

Kit Moulton majored in English at the University of Kansas and received his M.D. from the University of Arkansas School of Medicine. As an Ophthalmologist, he has his own private practice in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Kit has three beautiful daughters, two of whom are in the medical field as well and the other with aspirations in the veterinarian field.

Kit also loves the outdoors, especially hiking in the Rockies of Colorado, where he also enjoys skiing with his daughters.

(2016, Paperback, 482 pages)


Sweet Annabella (e-book)
Sweet Annabella (e-book)

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