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by Just Anne

Suzie is a story designed to teach its young readers about how to respond in medical emergencies. It starts when friends Tommy Know-It-All and Tina Squeaks decide to go visit their other friend, Suzie Stitches. When they get to Suzie’s house, they hear a loud cry—Suzie has accidentally cut her hand on scissors! Thankfully her mother is an EMT, and she helps Suzie before deciding they need to go to the hospital.

Right as Suzie and her mother are getting in their car, Tina’s mother, the local ambulance driver, comes by and takes Suzie to the hospital.

With key medical terms discussed, Suzie may be a great inspiration for children who are interested in becoming doctors, EMTs, nurses, or other health care professionals. This book may even inspire readers to consider these career paths.

About the Author

Just Anne is a young businesswoman who has been interested in the medical field. At present, she is a licensed EMT. She is an avid reader and stamp collector.

Just Anne one day hopes to have a farm with many animals.

(2009, paperback, 34 pages)


Suzie (e-book)
Suzie (e-book)

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