The Survival Kit to Quick Learning

The Survival Kit to Quick Learning
Item# 978-0-8059-6078-5

by Lois Amelia Tilly

The Survival Kit to Quick Learning is a concise supplement to help students expand their practical vocabulary.

Each of the fifty-one lessons is centered on a real-world topic, such as books, various rooms in a home, weather, and the zoo. The vocabulary lists are comprised of related words, and some are complemented by learning aids that include additional information about the topic. Practical learning experiences are included as well as responsive questions to ascertain the studentsí understanding.

The Survival Kit to Quick Learning offers concrete examples and practical knowledge to students in an accessible and easy-to-use format.


Lois Amelia Tilly is a native of Chicago, Illinois, and a longtime resident of Louisiana, where she is employed as a vocal music specialist. She has a perfect attendance record of 31 years!

Ms. Tilly holds a bachelor of science degree in music education and a masterís degree emphasizing working with learning disabled students as a reading specialist, and she has additional post-graduate studies in vocal music and curriculum design.

The author is a member of the Music Teachers National Association, National Association of Pastoral Musicians, and Choristers Guild. She also is active in Ideal Missionary Baptist and Educational Association, Louisiana State and National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc.

(2006, paperback, 72 pages)


The Survival Kit to Quick Learning [E-book edition]
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