Stubborn the Wonder Cat and Little Emma

Stubborn the Wonder Cat and Little Emma
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Stubborn the Wonder Cat and Little Emma
by Emily M. Brown-Santiago

Little Emma lives a quiet but happy life on her family farm with her furry and feathery animal friends. On an otherwise ordinary day, she hears a commotion and discovers a stray cat being chased by a vicious neighborhood dog. After her heroic actions save the cat’s life, Emma learns that her newly rescued pet cat Julie is about to have kittens!

Julie soon gives birth to a litter that includes Stubborn, a beautiful cat of gray and gold. As Stubborn grows and becomes a part of the farm community, the daily dangers of life on a farm give him the opportunity to prove he is more than just a pretty kitty. Stubborn is a defender of Emma’s family and menagerie of lively pets.

Get to know Cocoa the energetic watchdog, Blue Diamond the helpful blue jay, Big Goatie the proud red hen, and the rest of Emma’s colorful and lively animal friends. Follow the brave and curious Stubborn and his darling Emma on their adventures as they face wild creatures, wicked neighbors, a misunderstood rattlesnake, and much much more!

About the Author:

A native of Savannah, Georgia, Emily M. Brown-Santiago lives in the fantastic city of New York. She is employed by the New York Police Department. She is married with four lovely children, Marlon, Zoe, Elisha, and Gwen. Emily has two pets, Romeo the rabbit and Ring Gold the cat. Her hobbies are writing, dancing, swimming, and horseback riding.

(2015, Paperback, 88 pages)


Stubborn the Wonder Cat and Little Emma [E-book]
Stubborn the Wonder Cat and Little Emma [E-book]

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