Stupid Fox

Stupid Fox
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Stupid Fox
by Shaya Geravand

In this dark and playful tale, brought to life with original song lyrics, the moral of the story isn’t as easy as it seems. When a befuddled fox who thinks he’s a chicken hides inside a poultry house, a mean spirited hen enlists the help of the rest of the brood to keep him tricked and confused. But when the fox learns to be himself again and discovers the trick he’s fallen for who will have the last laugh?

About the Author:

Shaya Geravand is a native of Persia, born in the capital city of Tehran. Since the age of nine, Shaya has been immersed in the arts writing poetry and screenplays, acting on stage and in movies, singing, and producing voices for puppies.

With more than thirteen years of professional experience in the arts, more than half of which has been dedicated to works for children, Shaya Geravand attempts to flip the old clichés on their heads, showing us a world full of colorful characters full of contradictions, a world where anything is possible.

(2014, Paperback, 42 pages)


Stupid Fox [EBOOK]
Stupid Fox [EBOOK]

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