Stubby Pencil Poems of Rural Livin' Doin's

Stubby Pencil Poems of Rural Livin' Doin's
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Stubby Pencil Poems of Rural Livin' Doin's
by G. B. Griffith

There is a certain uniqueness to rural life that not many, except those living the country lifestyle daily, experience. This is a lifestyle of intimacy with nature and with domesticated animals that rural life depends upon.

G.B. Griffith’s poetry positively exudes the calm and quiet of the rural life of a wizened cowboy. His words illustrate the intimacy of daily tasks such as grooming and feeding. Reading his poetry is like feeling the horse’s breath on your own palm or hearing the swish of their tails with your own ears.

I talk to them gentle. Horses seem to like that, don't know the whats or whys. Maybe it's us, maybe it's them. Maybe it's the both of us, Man and Horse. I ask 'em about it. They just look at me with those soft, big brown eyes.

About the Author:

G.B. Griffith was born and raised in a small northern Nevada town where agriculture was the driving economic force. While growing up, Griffith often spent time camping in the surrounding hills and observing wildlife. Griffith maintains that these early experiences are the creative driving force behind his writings.

Griffith graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a dual Baccalaureate and an ROTC commission. Before retiring from the military he served overseas in West Germany and South Korea. He and his wife reside on 20 acres north of Reno with their horses and other animals. Griffith has gone on to acquire a Master or Arts from California State University, Dominguez Hills and taught at the University of Nevada.

Griffith continues to write, because there are more stories to tell.

(2015, Paperback, 86 pages)


Stubby Pencil Poems of Rural Livin' Doin's [EBOOK]
Stubby Pencil Poems of Rural Livin' Doin's [EBOOK]

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