The Story of Witch Hazel

The Story of Witch Hazel
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Move over Great Pumpkin! Forget about Goosebumps!
The Story of Witch Hazel is the New Halloween Classic for Kids!

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The Story of Witch Hazel
by Dori Smyth

Witch Hazel is a memorable Halloween character whom many people from all over have either heard of or read about in Dori Smyth’s local newspaper. Through the years, they have traveled from neighboring towns hoping to have their own experience as “Hazel” is loved by so many. Since these stories and encounters continue even to this day, Dori felt it was time that all children had the opportunity to read about this gentle, lovable, and funny witch who brings so much spirit to Halloween.

This story takes the reader through Dori’s experience as a child, with her siblings and neighborhood friends as they eagerly anticipate and react to Witch Hazel’s arrival on Halloween night. Even though they are scared, everyone is drawn to Witch Hazel as she dances in the street, sings songs, and offers rides to the moon on her broomstick.

About the Author:

Teaching for a combined fifteen years, Dori is currently working in the Mendham Township School District as their Gifted and Talented/STEM teacher and has been recognized for her contributions and achievements on multiple occasions. Most recently, Dori was honored by the Air Force Association for being the 2015 chapter STEM Teacher of the Year. She is a wife and mother of three, currently residing in Byram Township, New Jersey. Her most precious moments are those spent with her immediate and extended family. Her mother still resides in New Jersey as well and the two remain extremely close, especially around Halloween!

(2016, Paperback, 32 pages)


The Story of Witch Hazel [E-book]
The Story of Witch Hazel [E-book]

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