Straight from My Heart: Poems and Stories

Straight from My Heart: Poems and Stories
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Straight from My Heart: Poems and Stories
by Teresa O'Neal Seebeck

Straight from My Heart by Teresa O'Neal Seebeck is a collection of poems and short stories. To quote the author, "Life made me do it! For anyone who reads the pages of Straight from My Heart, may it bring them a smile, or laughter, a fond memory, a warm peaceful feeling, a brief escape from a too hectic day, or maybe even a tear that has been held back too long."

Most assuredly, this compilation will create a connection for the reader to some reminiscence of their past.

About the Author

A native of South Carolina, Teresa O'Neal Seebeck now resides in Sumter, SC, with her extended family around her. One of nineteen children, she grew up in a home filled with love, respect, discipline, compassion, responsibility, and humility; but more importantly, with trust and faith in God and each other. Although her parents and eight siblings are gone, the remaining eleven share strong ties.

Employed in the pharmaceutical industry since 1987, the author has ten grown children and eleven grandchildren. Shortly before the printing of this book, the author's eldest daughter and husband, sadly, passed away.

(2014, Paperback, 34 pages)


Straight from My Heart: Poems and Stories (eBook)
Straight from My Heart: Poems and Stories (eBook)

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