Speaking Poetically Through Me

Speaking Poetically Through Me
Item# 978-1-4349-6970-5

Speaking Poetically Through Me
by Veronica Swanigan

We were all born in sin, shaped in iniquity and without Christ in a fallen world that was once a paradise God created. How we came to this is not a mystery, but a harsh reality caused by our own spiritual weakness. In a world filled with lost and suffering souls, there are only two ways to choose: to continue the journey toward darkness and be eternally lost, or step into the marvelous light of Jesus Christ and be born again by accepting and living God’s Word which is life eternal. The Bible tells us to choose life and live!

In Speaking Poetically Through Me, Veronica Swanigan shares pieces of poetry that beckon the readers to reflect on their own, as well as the Church’s, spiritual condition. Through poems such as “If Jesus Knocked on Your Door” and “A Wounded Soul,” Veronica Swanigan unveils the message of God to His people as well as His love.

About the Author:

Veronica Swanigan is a former licensed practiced nurse. She attended Bronx Community College and Lehman College in New York City, where she received her degree in Nursing and Health Care Administration. She and husband Deacon Alvin Swanigan are active members of the Canaanland Christian Church in New York City.

Veronica Swanigan started writing poetry when she was ten years old. In 1996, her first recited poem “No Greater Love” was entered and certified as a semi-finalist in the North American Open Poetry Contest. In 1997. “No Greater Love” was selected for publication in the North American anthology Silence of Yesterday.

Veronica Swanigan feels blessed to have been able to touch people’s lives through her poetry and enjoys sharing her works on special church functions.

(2014, paperback, 52 pages)


Speaking Poetically Through Me (eBook)
Speaking Poetically Through Me (eBook)

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