Spinnerís Mystic Travels: Lost in the Black Forest

Spinnerís Mystic Travels: Lost in the Black Forest
Item# 978-0-8059-6291-8

by H.L. Perry

Meet Spinner: A chubby, self-centered spider who finds himself thrust into the role of reluctant hero in Spinnerís Mystic Travels: Los tin the Black Forest, a moral childrenís fantasy by H.L. Perry. He must safely guide his friend Tump on a treacherous, mystical excursion, as the two embark on an epic journey to return to their homes and families. In order to survive, Spinner must put aside his selfishness and learn how to put others first. As he and Tump encounter and conquer dangerous situation after dangerous situation, Spinner learns the value of friendship and caring for others, he learns the rewards of determination and perseverance, and he finds out things are not always what they seem, while presenting valuable lessons for children of all ages.

About the Author: H.L. Perry originally conceived Spinner as a comic-strip character, until she realized the little guy just had too much to say. This housewife and mother of two enjoys drawing, coin collecting, and crafts. A native of Pennsylvania, she currently lives in Kentucky with her husband, Jimmie.

(2003, paperback, 110 pages)


Spinnerís Mystic Travels: Lost in the Black Forest [E-book edition]
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