So What's Your Secret

So What's Your Secret
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So What's Your Secret
by Himanshu Panth

Where do you find inspiration to achieve your goals and dreams? In So Whatís Your Secret, Himanshu Panth presents a collection of short essays on his experiences with management education, medicinal healing, and various art forms such as poetry, song, and dance. Mr. Panth has learned that great achievers get ahead in life as they adapt, absorb, and accommodate to their surroundings, while taking care of their health, wealth, and relationships. Innovative seekers bring about change in their lives through a systematic process of understanding, acceptance, and skillful execution.

Mr. Panth believes that God has given us all the ability to live the life we want, if only we allow ourselves to experience it. The essays of So Whatís Your Secret by Mr. Himanshu Panth inspire his readers to look ahead and achieve all their dreams.

About the Author

Himanshu Panth is the founder of Trinity Global, an organization that studies through in-search the energy systems of Mind, Matter, and Life. It is devoted to the awareness, acceptance, and experiencing of all the simple learnings of the universe. Panth is a member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), Virginia, USA, and he completed his M.D. in Alternative Medicines.

Himanshu has been associated with various non-government organizations (NGOs) and nonprofit organizations since the age of fifteen, and he blends this rich human interaction experience into his latest collection, So Whatís Your Secret. This collection highlights the importance of management learning with spirituality in modern times, as well as understanding and accepting the crucial role of forgiveness, blessings, and gratitude in our lives. He believes that it is only after we forgive and bless all the people who came into our lives/crossed our paths that we can realize our true self and release that self from worldly bondages.

(2010, paperback, 106 pages)


So What's Your Secret (PDF Ebook)
So What's Your Secret (PDF Ebook)

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