Solitary Defiance: I Choose Not to Dance

Solitary Defiance: I Choose Not to Dance
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Solitary Defiance: I Choose Not to Dance
by KB Archibald

Solitary Defiance discusses the trials, frustrations, and mental stresses KB Archibald encountered while trying to follow the path of her ancestors. This preceded her in her quest to find her elusive dream, which was to work in a foreign country.

KB paid the price for being different in some very unfortunate and unfair ways. She fought many battles and is still trying to understand the reasons why. She has been through a lot, but with Godís grace and the support of her family and a few genuine friends, she was able to overcome a lot of injustices. She hopes her story can serve as an inspiration to others.

About the Author

KB is a native of Guyana who now lives in the UK. She enjoys reading, writing, socializing, and participating in charitable work. KB is a registered nurse, having completed her nursing diploma from Georgetown School of Nursing in Guyana. She also has a certificate in supervisory management.

(2010, paperback, 136 pages)


Solitary Defiance: I Choose Not to Dance (PDF ebook)
Solitary Defiance: I Choose Not to Dance (PDF ebook)

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