Snares of Our Own Devising

Snares of Our Own Devising
Item# 978-0-8059-6747-0

by Ken Vaughn

As Ken Vaughn takes a look back at his life, he finds much to ponder, from the nature of creativity to the perils of our mortal existence. Whether he’s musing on an alternative biographical possibility in “20 Lines for Kerouac” or what makes a great poet in “All That Doesn’t Fit,” Snares of Our Own Devising takes us on a tour of the human mind and the endless possibilities it embraces. Through it all, we experience the happiness, sadness, skepticism, fear, and hope that make up the cycle of our lives in this world. We experience the hopeless isolation of “The Convent Hit by Plague” and “The Tiger,” to the innocent creativity of “Another Lesson Learned,” and end with the delightfully dark “Tombstone Haiku,” making Snares of Our Own Devising a life’s journey completed.


A retired widower, Ken Vaughn currently resides in Conneaut, Ohio, where he enjoys model railroading and motorcycling.

(2005, paperback, 50 pages)


Snares of Our Own Devising [E-book edition]
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