Singer, Sailor, the Time of My Life XXX

Singer, Sailor, the Time of My Life XXX
Item# 978-1-4349-0004-3

by Annette Button

Annette Button’s childhood was anything but ordinary. Born from musical parents, Annette was destined for a musical career and enjoyed the opportunities their adventurous lifestyle afforded her. A musical family, Annette’s autobiography begins at the age of ten and chronicles her unique life up to present day.

Annette’s incredible journey included such experiences as innkeepers of the Burston Inn in England to proud owners of a yacht named Roaming Melody, which voyaged the vast seas of Europe and toted the Smith family from country to country as a successful musical act. They encountered change, challenge, adventure, danger, and trauma as well as excitement. Most importantly, they upheld a family whose bond was steadfast and never broken.

Through their love of music, travel, and one another, Annette and her family take you on an incredible expedition through the ever-changing ebbs and flows on the vast sea of life.


Annette Button currently resides with her husband between Gibraltar and Spain. She is an accomplished musician and enjoys music, singing, sailing, flying, and traveling.

(2008, paperback, 88 pages)


Singer, Sailor, the Time of My Life XXX [E-book edition]
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