Since Onyx's Time

Since Onyx's Time
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Since Onyx’s Time by Margaret Muguercia

This is the spellbinding story of a family’s connection to the mystical lore of their village’s people. The story’s adventures are seen through the eyes of two young brothers as they strive to carry out their deceased father’s legacy, while leaving their mother behind to await their return.

We learn of their mother’s losses in life as she first prays for her family’s safe return and then agonizes over her life alone, dreaming only of being reconnected with her loved ones.

Along the way, the author provides some very remarkable symbolism in her telling of this story, which provides food for thought. This imagery supplies fodder, which when consumed by the reader, creates a means of understanding how legends are born and passed down from generation to generation.

Mrs. Muguercia uses this creative tool to explore and express the issues that are important to her…the essence of adventure, the strength of love and family, as well as life’s paradoxes.

About the Author

Margaret Muguercia was born in Cuba. During years of upheaval there, she sought refuge in Madrid, Spain, where she exercised her teaching, which brought a golden opportunity to taste the culture of the old continent. Years later, she came to America, making their permanent home in New York City with her husband and their children.

Among her hobbies she enjoys oil painting, photography, and world-wide traveling.

Mrs. Muguercia is also the author of Shallow (1st edition), which was published in 2004. It is a compilation of poems expressing the depth of the individual’s pain in love and togetherness, as well as life’s contradictions. She also authored Shallow (2nd edition), which was published in 2006. Amidst zealous poems emerges the beautiful “Amber,” a poetic tale celebrating life beyond time and death.

(2011, paperback, 106 pages)


Since Onyx's Time (PDF)
Since Onyx's Time (PDF)

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