Silent Cries

Silent Cries
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Silent Cries
by Caroline Marie Farrell

I walk along the beaches searching for my soul,
I climb the highest mountains obtaining no new goal.
I travel the byways of new and promised lands,
Only to find my hopes and dreams are buried beneath the sands…

Silent Cries is a collection of poems reflecting the author’s laments and thoughts about the losses, the gains, and the challenges that make up the trials and tribulations of a woman’s everyday life.

About the Author

Caroline Marie Farrell was born and still lives in northwestern Pennsylvania, where she has raised four children. A home health-care worker, she is currently active in the Women’s Auxiliary American Legion.

She is particularly interested in nature walks, reading, bowling, listening to music, “spending quality time with my loved ones,” and, of course, writing poetry.

(2011, perfectbound, 32 pages)


Silent Cries (PDF)
Silent Cries (PDF)

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