Silent Heroes: One Soldier’s Story

Silent Heroes: One Soldier’s Story
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Silent Heroes: One Soldier’s Story
by Joe Duran

Lou Duarte is in the last place he wants to be: Vietnam. Nothing could have prepared this twenty-one-year-old man from California for the heat, the rain, the country—and the death the war brings.

Silent Heroes: One Soldier’s Story follows one individual through his time in combat, showing both the horrific consequences and the strong friendships born out of the conflict. As Lou attempts to adapt to the unimaginable, he will learn how to fight for his country and his life and, in the process, he will meet more than one man destined to become a silent hero.

About the Author:

Joe Duran is a Vietnam veteran. He is currently involved with The Patriot Guard Riders. He resides in California with his wife of forty-six years and has two children and a grandson.

(2016, Paperback, 456 pages)


Silent Heroes: One Soldier’s Story (e-book)
Silent Heroes: One Soldier’s Story (e-book)

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