Shelby's Justice

Shelby's Justice
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Shelby's Justice
by Dale Haynes

How far would a person go to seek justice? This is the question Susan must ask herself when, not only her good friend Shelby goes missing, but when her own life is at stake.

While love and men seems abundant for Shelby, Susan has little experience with men. The last man Susan sees her friend Shelby with will have a lasting effect on Susan’s life. When Shelby is murdered, a sick feeling comes over Susan as she suspects Shelby’s last boyfriend. Past and present collide when the man who murdered her childhood friend comes after Susan’s daughter. Through the support of her family and the power of prayer, Susan fights against fear and the feeling of hopelessness to risk her life and get back her daughter.

A story of unimaginable suffering and remarkable triumph, Shelby’s Justice proves trust in God and oneself is the only weapon needed in the fight for justice.

About the Author

Dale Haynes has been a vascular technologist for twenty-five years, as well as the president and CEO of an electrical engineering company for twenty years. She’s married to a wonderful man, and grandmother to seven grandchildren. Personal experiences with abuse prompted her to write this story as a form of release. Now that her children are grown, she wishes to fulfill her dreams. Dale wants her readers to take away the concept of hope, the power of prayer, and to never give up.

(2014, Paperback, 88 pages)


Shelby's Justice E-Book
Shelby's Justice E-Book

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