The Secrets of TUT: A Bird's Story

The Secrets of TUT: A Bird's Story
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The Secrets of TUT: A Bird Story
by Carol Evans

An eclectus parrot in a pet shop wishes to have a home where he could have the luxury of being loved and cared for. He has heard stories of birds who found homes, but he also learns that having an owner is not a guarantee that he will be staying with that family forever. Some birds are definitely returned to the shop. The number one reason—allergies. On a slow day at the shop, a girl suddenly eyes him, buys him, and gives him a name, Tut.

Shelby and Tut become good friends. Her family adores Tut and has given him all the attention every bird would envy—a beautiful cage, delicious foods, good grooming, and good training. Shelby has even done research about Eclectus parrots to make sure they are taking care of him the right way. Tut is very happy. He can’t ask for more. One day, while Tut feels he has let down his owners because he can’t follow instructions and Shelby begins to sneeze, he hears Shelby’s mom call back the pet shop. This scares Tut. Is Shelby allergic to birds? Will Tut be a returned bird as what all birds in the pet shop fear?

About the Author

Carol Ann Evans lives with her family in Washington State. She is a registered nurse and also studies and practices natural healing methods to help heal multiple sclerosis. She enjoys writing for both children and adults.

In addition to helping people as they heal, Carol Ann Evans has set herself the goal of sharing the knowledge she has gathered throughout her life in order to help others.

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(2014, Hardcover, 48 pages)


The Secrets of TUT: A Bird's Story (eBook)
The Secrets of TUT: A Bird's Story (eBook)

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