Secrets Unfold

Secrets Unfold
Item# 978-0-8059-6423-3

by Anthony Persaud

Can a secret be so powerful that it destroys everything you know? For Mary Jacovitch, whose family history is built on deceit and tragedy, the answer is yes. Entrusted at age seven with her dying fatherís dark secret, as a teenager Mary seeks to escape this knowledge and her overbearing mother through promiscuous behavioróbut her actions have serious consequences. As Secrets Unfold begins, Mary tries to hide the reality of her pregnancy, but the truth inevitably is revealed. This birth triggers a landslide of tragic events touching everyone in her life: her brother, Steve; her mother, Jean; her adult lover, Ryan; her own newborn son, Nickolai; and beyond. As these pressures prove too great for Maryís young mind and the strands of sanity unravel, it becomes clear that, for better or for worse, no oneís life will ever be the same again.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Anthony Persaud is a native of Guyana now working as an accounting/finance manager in New York. He and his wife, Bhagwandai, share two sons. He has been active in the church as Sunday school superintendent and teacher and served as president for the Royal Rangers and board member for PAOG Industry. Persaud is an ardent table tennis player who also enjoys scrabble, cricket, and football.

(2004, paperback, 74 pages)


Secrets Unfold [E-book edition]
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