Seacil the Sea Turtle

Item# 978-0-8059-5288-9

by Sheffer

Seacil the Sea Turtle is a lovable and trusting turtle who easily makes friends with his fellow ocean inhabitants. However he often learns lessons the hard way, such as dry land is a nice place to visit, but he wouldnít want to live there! He discovers this important fact when he and his best friend, Crabby, decide to go look for Tommy, a young boy who saves Seacilís life by freeing him from a fishing net.

After returning to familiar surroundings, Seacilís adventures really become exciting! In the course of falling in love and becoming a father, he courageously fights off a shark bent on feasting on a dear friend and thwarts the illegal activities of some evil turtle thieves.

Teaching courage, common sense, and loyalty, Seacil the Sea Turtle is sure to be enjoyed by young and old alike as we are thrilled by his adventures and explorations.

About the Author: A housewife, mother, produce clerk at Weis market of York, and hostess at Westside Steak House in York, Pennsylvania, Sheffer has lived in the area all her life. In her spare time, she continues to write childrenís stories and is working on a poetry collection, as well as volunteering at her sonís school, horseback riding, and listening to music.

(2003, paperback, 32 pages)

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