An Introduction to the Elements of Airplane Stability and Control
Miracle Molecular Structure of Water: Human Body Loves Hexagonal Water
On the “Barcode” Functionality of DNA, or the Phenomenon of Life in the Physical Universe
The New Science of Antimass
The Split Second Integral: Supraliminal Velocity and Time Travel
The Hidden Variables of the Atomic World: The New Quantum Field Theory
Cosmic Red Shift
Designs for Electronics: Electronic Thought
The Snowflake Theory
A New Look at the Universe and Why We Are Here
Designs for Electronics: Electronics in Motion
Universe's Intelligent Design via Evolution (UIDE): The WIT Particle
Physics of God
Cobras and Their Kin
Gravitational Wave and Time
A History before Time
Global Warming: Geophysical Counterpoints to the Enhanced Greenhouse Theory
Stairway of the Gods: A Concise Analysis of the Trent UFO Photo and Its Physics
The Philosophy of UFOs
Understanding the Universe
The Great Collision: A Unidirectional Model of the Universe
The Beginning of Time
Imagination, the Stars, Common Sense and God: A Perspective on Life – Conclusions After 80 Years in Its Grip
A View on Structural Engineering Via Engineering Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Arts
Photosynthesis Catalyst of Life: Questions Answered for Applying L.E.D.s to Grow Light Systems
Where Is the World Going?
The Creation

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